本公司暫停送貨服務直到另行通知. 顧客可到Alhambra的本店直接購買. 網購結賬已關閉。

本網頁現在接受現金付款及Zelle Pay.

某些貨品可能因爲重量, 銷售稅或CRV費用, 導致總數有所出入. 系統會將其款項暫設為$0.00. 客戶服務員將在提交訂單後跟你聯絡.

提交訂單後也不用急於付款, 客戶服務員將在核對款項後跟你聯絡(詢問付款方法, 提貨或送貨時間).

訂單總額高於$100時, 本公司可以為某些城市的客戶提供送貨服務. 本公司將收取總額的5%作爲送貨服務費. 訂單低於$100時不會提供送貨服務.

  • 所有需要送貨服務的訂單,請提前兩天下訂.
  • 本公司位於阿罕布拉. 每週星期一到六送貨: 圣盖博谷,橙县(最遠只到爾灣). 遠於爾灣的地區, 我們不會送貨到府, 只提供取貨地點. 取貨地點在 15315 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA 92604
  • 每週五送貨到聖地亞哥地區. 聖地亞哥地區不會送貨到府, 只提供取貨地點. 取貨地點在 10660 Camino Ruiz, San Diego, CA 92126
  • 所有的現貨及價格都會一直在更新. 蔬菜,水果,肉類的總額會因磅數而改變,所以請在下單後, 別急著付款,會有工作人員聯繫你並告知總額和訂單進度.
  • 為了保護大家, 貨物到府後, 恒泰不會接收或重賣任何退還的貨品!
  • 希望大家安心的在家, 並且愉快的採購所需的物品!

We temporarily suspended delivery service until further notice. you can continue browse our products and purchase at our Alhambra warehouse. Online Check out disabled.

We currently accept Cash and Zelle Pay, we don't accept no check and credit card at the moment.

Due to the weight of the products, sales taxes and CRV fees, the total cost of the products might be different. Therefore our system will temporary set those products cost to $0.00. Once the order has been place, our customer service will contact you and provide you the actual cost on each items.

After the order has been place, don't pay for it yet. Our customer service will contact you to confirm the payment method, pick-up / delivery day and time and provide the final total cost to you.

For the order over $100, we do provide delivery service for some cities. The delivery fee will be 5% of the final cost.

  • All orders needs to be place at least 2 days in advance.
  • Hang Tai Trading is locate at Alhambra. Delivery are between Monday to Saturday. We deliver to San Gabriel Valley and Orange County as far as Irvine. For the cities beyond Irvine, we do have a meeting point for pick-up. The meet up point address is 15315 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA 92604
  • Every Friday, we deliver to San Diego (no home deliveries), only pick up at meeting point. The meeting point address is 10660 Camino Ruiz, San Diego, CA 92126
  • All products and prices are subject to change due to availability. All vegetables, fruits and meat total due maybe vary depending on the weight. Please do NOT pay until customer service contact you with the final amount due.
  • For your safety, we do not accept any return after products are delivered.
  • Stay home and be safe!